The path to our vision

Smart & Nature was founded by a geophysical engineer with a doctorate in marine geosciences and a love of polar expeditions... where he observed, among other things, the melting of the ice. He also observes the pollution of European ports from container ships carrying millions of tons of imported products year-round, leading to the disappearance of European factories, and with it the loss of local know-how and jobs. Then he became a father and it all clicked: it is no longer possible to continue in this absurd system... Smart & Nature was born!
An approach that combines several objectives: a search for long-lasting quality, with the choice to offer clothing made mostly of wool, an ecological, local and environmentally friendly material, and a desire to preserve the aesthetics, know-how and local jobs. This is why Smart & Nature's products are entirely made in Europe, with European partners, and its finishing workshops are located in France and Germany.
With this ethical and ecological approach, Smart and Nature is working to offer an alternative to the throwaway consumer lifestyle; a Smart & Nature fleece will stay with you for a long time, and it will age just like you: wonderfully! A Smart & Nature fleece will support the daily life of your elder as well as your younger child and will accompany them in all their adventures... A Smart & Nature fleece is timeless, as its aesthetic reflects timeless European standards. A Smart and Nature product is authentic and eco-logical: beautiful, local, natural and sustainable...